The Benefits

End of use doesn’t mean end of life.

We bring transparency, traceability and accountability to the items you sell.

Whether it be at home or at a festival, drinks containers or textiles – Reward4Waste makes it easy for citizens to recycle.

Enabling better

Reward4Waste – bringing better engagement, better behaviour, better provenance, better transparency, better data, better insights, better circularity…

Not just for drinks

Reward4Waste can work with all recyclable / re-use items of different shapes, materials and sizes.

Drinks containers, electronics, textiles, cardboard, tyres… the opportunities are endless.

Unique innovation

Using green blockchain and AI technology to eliminate fraud and drive consumer behavioural change.

Patent pending unique technology giving a superior edge.

Data and insights

From who, where, when, what, and what with. We bring richer data, insights and modelling.

Bring transparency and traceability to the items you sell, helping you track your impact and make informed decisions.

Loyalty schemes

We help increase recycling and drive loyalty – through rewarding good recycling or re-use behaviour whether it be a specific brand, product line or whole organisation.


At any time producers can track and trace individual packaging and products, identifying where it is in the circular economy.

Circularity, transparency and traceability.

Consumer convenience

Whether it be Digital DRS, Recycling or Re-use – Reward4Waste offers the ultimate consumer convenience.

Allowing the consumer to recycle wherever they are – at home or on-the-go.

Keeping things simple

An all-in Digital DRS that enhances existing waste infrastructure and eliminates fraud through blockchain.
Instore Re-use or Recycling schemes using any digitised return point.

Hearts and minds

No more opaque provenance. No more confused recyclers.

Reward4Waste engages, educates and rewards good recycling or re-use behaviour, sharing values, building loyalty. Winning hearts and minds.

Eliminating fraud

Through green blockchain and AI, our technology ensures that people can only claim their ‘recycle’ once.

This is particularly important for DRS, eliminating large scale fraud and bad recycling behaviour.

Retailer convenience

With DRS, many retailers can’t facilitate RVM’s in their stores, or accept returned bottles over the counter.

Reward4Waste allows people to recycle using any uniquely coded return point or bin, at home or on-the-go.

Created to succeed

Reward4Waste enables people to be brilliant recyclers.

Whether it be Digital DRS, Digital Recycling or Re-use schemes we create bespoke solutions to keep items in the circular economy for longer.

Doing good

Everyone wants to do one thing a day that makes them feel good – right?

Reward4Waste allows users to redeem or donate to charity, raising money for good causes one recycled item at a time.


Do you want to improve your
Recycling behaviour?

We can help you achieve your DRS, EPR & sustainability targets. Reward4Waste is an app that rewards you for recycling. If you are a business and want to find out more, fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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