Our Trials

“The roll-out of a UK DRS should consider a digital DRS approach instead of, or at least in addition to, a conventional DRS. The digital DRS allows consumers the convenience of recycling at home, which is the preferred option”

Queens University Belfast – School of Psychology

Credible trials

We ensure our trials are as close to real life as possible, replicating how it would look if a Digital DRS were really introduced.

Citizens are made aware of the trial through marketing, should they want to take part, they are invited to download our free app from apple or google play, they purchase participating products from their local retailers, paying a deposit and getting a reward/refund. We follow up with independent market research.

We take great pride in making sure our trials bring learnings and credibility to Digital DRS.

Whitehead Trial

In Whitehead, Northern Ireland, we ran a Digital DRS trial across 2000 households in collaboration with Bryson Recycling and Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, with proud support from Britvic Ireland, PepsiCo and Encirc.

This trial was independently researched by Queens University Belfast.

Dublin Trial

In collaboration with the Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) we tested the deposit / return, asking citizens to download our app, pay a deposit when purchasing items and getting refunded upon recycle.

A world first digital DRS deposit return trial.

The trial took place in July 2021 and results have recently been released seeing a 95% return rate!



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