Re-use and Re-commerce

End of use should not mean end of life.

We make ‘taking back’ easy so that items can be re-used again and again.

From closed loop to open loop – we inspire and reward people for good re-use behaviour.
Bringing circularity to your sales.

Whole life recycling

Never has there been a greater need for traceability, transparency, provenance and re-use.

Reward4Waste is the platform to share your brands. Building trust with your consumers by being transparent about your supply chain and what you are doing to deliver a more sustainable impact.

When each item reaches the end of use, Reward4Waste shares exactly how to send it on its way (whether that be recycle or re-use) and then rewards people for doing the right thing.

Building integrity by sharing your story

Your product is brought to life with a tap of a finger. People can simply scan the items unique code to bring it to life. Whatever your product – it has an important story to tell.

Bringing a valuable consumer connection to that item and empowering people to make better choices.

Circularity to sales

Reward4Waste enables retailers and brands to design out waste, bringing transparency to every item sold.

From beauty products to food containers, electronic devices to homewares, your shopper can be incentivised and rewarded for returning items to store, whether they bring back or send back.


Textiles re-commerce or hire schemes are a key part of developing a more circular fashion industry.

Through unique coding items (or receipts associated to that item) shoppers can be incentivised and rewarded for extending the life of their unwanted clothing or home furnishings.

Reward4Waste are proud to be founding members of Textiles 2030.

Richer insights 

Reward4Waste brings secure data and insights to each and every uniquely coded item.

Helping transform your business by bringing a better consumer understanding and their desires for sustainable choices.

Real time data and reporting, with AI for behavioural modelling to help your business make more informed decisions.

The consumer journey

Front end simplicity – back end intelligence. No more opaque provenance. No more confused recyclers.
We’ve made it easy for citizens to recycle. Our solutions are bespoke to your needs – but all share a common goal, to reduce waste and keep valuable items in the circular economy for longer.

1. Download and register
2. Scan the unique codes
3. Inspire, educate, engage
4. Recycle or reuse
5. Get deposit or rewards



We are running trials and pilots on Reward4Waste. Our technology is also ready to roll out for digital recycling or digital re-use. Please get in touch and we can chat through how you can get involved and how Reward4Waste can work in your organisation.

1. Transforming consumer behaviour around recycling – the app incentivises and rewards consumers for recycling, whilst having the ability to engage and provide clarity over recycling

2. Bringing incremental economic value through the recycled and re-used items – a true circular economy

3. Immutable, secure and auditable – tracking packaging end to end

4. Capturing data and insights over time to understand consumer behaviour around recycling

5. With Digital DRS, Reward4Waste works within existing waste management and recycling infrastucture – reducing costs and carbon footprint

6. Reward4Waste offers a real chance to accelerate change and make a positive difference

7. Reward4Waste brings consumer ease to recycling

We are collaborating with interested partners to trial Reward4Waste in several communities and organisations. Reward4Waste offers a real chance to accelerate change. If you would like Reward4Waste in your community, place of study or work, please get in touch at

CryptoCycle is not currently raising funds through external funding rounds.

However, we are always interested in talking to potential investors, particularly those who can bring relevant knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in potentially investing in CryptoCycle then please contact us by emailing

There is a growing global awareness of the waste crisis; governments across the globe are under pressure to take action.

The UN Global Partnership on Marine Litter has an action plan put forward by the G7 and G20 and a resolution on marine litter and microplastics was adopted at the United Nations Environment Assembly.

The EU has set out its vision for Europe’s new plastics economy EU Member States will be obliged to reach a 90% collection rate for disposable plastic drink bottles by 2025. By 2030 all plastics packaging placed on the EU market will be recyclable or easily recycled. An EU target is in place for recycling 65% of municipal waste by 2030 and the EU has issued a directive requiring every soft drink producer to use at least 25% recycling by 2025.

Plans are in place to introduce a DRS scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by 2023 with Scotland the first to implement within the UK.

Ambitious legislative targets are being put in place; many countries will struggle to meet targets and new processes and levers need to be developed to tackle the practicality of waste management and the inertia in behavioural change.

We believe radically improving recycling is the cornerstone to turning the plastic tide. It is clear that collection, sorting and reprocessing need to improve, but in parallel having a circular system that engages and changes consumers behaviour through incentivisation is critical to the success of any solution.

Deposit return schemes (DRS) are becoming more and more common all around the world. When you purchase a drink in a plastic bottle (in some cases glass) you’ll be charged a small deposit at point of purchase. When you return the bottle for recycling, you will receive your deposit back.

How your deposit is returned to you is dependent on how the country runs their DRS. In some nations, you’ll need to return the bottle to a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) at a superstore or other retail location. In other countries, the bottle will need to be returned to a designated recycling point (like a council run tip or waste management site). Regardless of the location, the deposit is always able to be claimed back.

The UK government has announced a DRS will be introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2024, with Scotland looking to introduce a DRS earlier.

Reward4Waste have developed a system where deposits for beverage containers will be returned through an app that gives an instant reward or loyalty card style collection of points dependent on how the consumer wishes to be rewarded for recycling. This is known as Digital DRS and we are known in the industry as the Digital DRS pioneers

We are really excited about the potential of Reward4Waste, and are currently working with key stakeholders and interested parties to help bring this idea to life across the UK and beyond. Please do contact at if you would like to talk to us about how Reward4Waste could benefit your business.

Our recent trial in Northern Ireland provided proof of concept. Our vision is to launch Reward4Waste Digital DRS across the UK and beyond from 2024.

Our Digital Recycling and Digital Re-use schemes are available to be integrated into your business today. Please get in touch to find out more.

Global smartphone ownership grows daily. According to recent research, in the UK 95% of all households in the UK own a mobile phone, with 78% of those using a smart phone and this number is growing fast.

Having an app based solution makes Reward4Waste easy and convenient to use, however, for those without a smart phone, we have a home scan option.

Reward4Waste uses unique codes which are placed on each individual item (either on the physical product or a receipt).

Digitisation is without doubt the future of a true circular economy, allowing for traceability of waste, immutability, flexibility, rich insights and data – for cradle to grave accountability.

We are code agnostic – we can either create the unique codes for you, or work with your unique codes.

We believe that Blockchain technology has the potential to transform recycling behaviour. Blockchain provides a digital ledger that is a continuously growing distributed database and cryptographically secured. Blockchain offers immutability, security and is fraud proof. However, we believe in green blockchain – so that it has a low carbon footprint.

A reverse vending machine (RVM) uses technology to identify, collect and process used beverage containers for reuse or recycling.

Using the example of a standard vending machine, you insert money and receive a drink or other item in return for your money. When using a reverse vending machine, you insert an empty drinks bottle and receive money in return for recycling.

Reward4Waste works like a reverse vending machine from your phone, using the app to allow you to recycle your bottle in return for a reward. Due to the unique coding system you can only redeem the same container once (so there is no fraud).

Do you want to improve your
Recycling behaviour?

We can help you achieve your DRS, EPR & sustainability targets. Reward4Waste is an app that rewards you for recycling. If you are a business and want to find out more, fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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